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European business center located on the banks of the river Main. The international and dynamic city and financial center in the shape of Germany's most stunning skyscrapers also has many facets and many contrasts to offer. Not far from the skyscrapers, you'll find cozy cider pub (ebbelwoi) and in the midst of the busy city center, again and historical attraction.

Frankfurt Weather is moderately humid, with rain most of the year. Summers are generally warm with occasional showers. The hottest month is July. This station will be sunny with temperatures between 10 and 32 ° C. During winter, the sky is cloudy and temperatures are lowest during the month of January. This period is characterized by temperatures between 10 ° C and -10 ° C.

January 1, January 6, April 6, April 8, April 9, May 1, May 17, May 27, May 28, June 7, October 3, November 1, 25 of December, 26 December.

5 things to see
Imperial Cathedral
Church of St. Paul
old Opera
Goethe House and Museum
Financial center with its skyscrapers

5 things to do
Book Fair
Restaurants and shops Fressgass'
Travel by boat the impressive skyline of Frankfurt or take a boat trip to the interesting towns on the edge of the Main and Rhine
Up to the Main Tower.

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Public transport in Frankfurt is relatively expensive, but also efficient. It consists of an integrated network of modern underground U-bahn lines, tram or S-bahn and buses. Most public transport operates from 04 was 02 h, and there are night bus routes that operate from the 01 h. Around Frankfurt are 7 lines of U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains, which cover the outskirts of town and international airport.

By bike
Frankfurt is a good city for cyclists, has a bike rental places in almost every corner. Most streets have a bike lane, but the route is the most beautiful is on the banks of the Main. Around town you will find many places to rent a bike, especially in the Central Station.

By taxi
Frankfurt's taxis are safe but expensive. Taxi drivers charge for travel and load, so some can take up to six passengers. Taxis are easy to recognize, usually beige Mercedes.

German Schools in Frankfurt

German Courses in Frankfurt

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  • DIN
  • ALTO
  • Carpe Diem
  • FDSV
  • feltom
  • WYSE
  • COC
  • Certificate
  • Instituto Cervantes