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English Courses in Brighton

Brighton is a trendy, cosmopolitan destination, with all the attractions of a modern city, plus beach that has been voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world. If London is the big , Brighton is the cooler, younger sibling, with a rich and vibrant culture all of its own.

The south coast of England is known to have one of the warmest climates in the UK, but the weather can still be unpredictable. However, as in the rest of Britain it is quite possible for the weather to be warm, cold, sunny, raining, windy ... all in the same day!

Public holidays falling on a weekday
2 January, 6 April, 9 April, 7 May, 4 June, 5 June,
27 August

5 things to see
Royal Pavilion
Brighton Pier
The Artists’ Quarter
Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

5 things to do
Explore The Lanes
Relax on the beach
Sea Life Centre
Explore the English countryside
Take a day-trip to London

Other Useful Information

Scroll through Brighton
Brighton is not very big but consists of many streets, so the best option is to move on public transport or take a taxi. Without doubt the best means of transport is the bus as there are regular and prompt services that take us anywhere in the city. The bus company that services the town called Brighton & Hove. A single ticket costs £ 1.50 and if we get one to use for a day the price is £ 2.80.

In many parts of the city you will find taxi
Brighton & Hove Radio Cabs (01273 204060)
Brighton Streamline Taxis (01273 747474)
Brighton Hove & Adur Car Cabs (01273 414141)

There are cycle lanes across the city, including along the seafront, Grand Avenue and The Drive, Hove to Hangleton, and Lewes Road. Many are part of the national and regional cycle route network.

Additional cycle parking and other cycling facilities are being installed city-wide - much of the new parking being special on-road parking places.

Airport - Brighton
Today London's airports provide for the possibility of trips for the rest of England from transport stations terminals. Both Heathrow and Gatwick multiple buses depart daily destination Brighton. A trip from Heathrow to Brighton bus costs about 25 pounds.

English Schools in Brighton

- Sprachcaffe Brighton

English Courses in Brighton

As follows you'll find all available course types we offer in Brighton, England:

General English courses allow you to improve your English giving you a practical understanding of the language and how to use it. You will improve your level and your ability in English quickly and your fluency and real understanding of English in everyday situations by using real English and taking a full and active part in lessons.

-20 lessons per week (15 hours per week)
-Beginner to Advanced levels
-Start: Monday

Available at ... Sprachcaffe Brighton.
*General English Course is also given in the afternoon

Available at ... Sprachcaffe Brighton.
Improve your English in a short time-period spending as much time as possible with a teacher and in a classroom environment with six lessons a day. The more exposure you have to English, the better your English learning will be.Lessons are focused on your four key skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing and other skills such as pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary.

-30 lessons per week (22.5 hours per week)
-Level Beginner to Advanced
-Start: Monday

Available at ... Sprachcaffe Brighton.
This is a course which is 100% focused on your English language needs and designed by your teachers to meet your requirements.Individual focus wich means personalised attention to you having more uninturrepted teacher attention. You can combine One-to-One lessons with a group course.

-Lessons per week: 20, 30 or 40 must be combined with another course
-Level Beginner to Advanced
-1 lesson = 45 minutes

Available at ... Sprachcaffe Brighton.

Available at ... Sprachcaffe Brighton.

Available at ... Sprachcaffe Brighton.



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  • feltom
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