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Among the 5000 world languages, German remains one of the most important. Over 100 million people speak German as their mother language, 24% of EU citizens speak German. The following list shows some of the reasons for learning German:

*Germany is among the major exporting countries worldwide.

*German is the most widely language spoken in the European Union

*A great many number of international organizations are based in Germany

*Who learns German will access to an important sector scientific, economic, intellectual and cultural life of Central Europe

*German tourists are important in many countries

*Those who speak and understand German, will know better the culture and improve their chances on the labor market

+ Info about Germany

Euro (€)

Country Code
0049 - You can buy phone cards to save on international calls. (Solaris Phone Card)

230 V, 50Hz (plug type F, the same as in Spain)

Tap Water
Tap water is drinkable in Germany, but it is recommended to drink bottled water.

Driving age
The legal driving age is 18 years.

Drinking age
The legal age is 18 years.
At age 16 is legal non-distilled alcoholic drinks.

Smoking laws
Not allowed in bars since 2009 but really n9o is controlled by the authorities. But no ban smoking bars and non-smoking.

Laws of the country
Students must comply with German law at all times during your stay. Failure to comply with the law could result in arrest by the police and even imprisonment.

Students must be in possession of health insurance, accident and travel while atienten one of our programs.

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  • DIN
  • ALTO
  • Carpe Diem
  • FDSV
  • feltom
  • WYSE
  • COC
  • Certificate
  • Instituto Cervantes